About OET – The English Teacher OET training for doctors, nurses, midwives and medical practitioners

The English Teacher is a certified provider of OET preparation.

The OET has been in use since the 1980’s and was originally contracted by the Australian government to assess the English of international staff in the medical and healthcare sector. It began as a collaboration by Cambridge English Language Assessment, part of the University of Cambridge and the Boxhill Institute, a leading Australian vocational and higher education provider.

OET Progression

Today, OET is used the benchmark of professional medical English in 6 English speaking countries across the globe and has test centres in over 40 countries in Europe, North America, South America, India, African and Asia.

The Test

OET consists of four parts; reading, writing, speaking and listening. The test has been revised by the Occupational English Test examining board, and the updated exam has been available from September 2018. All four skills are examined in depth, as you can see in our OET Guide. Here you can find out more about how the exam is graded and a breakdown of the test itself.

The Training

Our in-house preparation course runs over approximately two and a half weeks consisting of:

    • 60 hours of face to face training.
    • Overview of the test, marking criteria and pass level.
    • Analysis of each of the four sub-tests.
    • Introduction to the different question types.
    • Exam techniques and strategies.
    • Practice materials.
    • Exam preparation pack.

Our individually designed one to one programmes include:

    • Placement test to assess student level.
    • Introduction to the sub-tests and marking criteria.
    • Analysis of question types (as determined by the placement test).
    • Review of different question types and effective approach to answers.
    • Exam techniques and strategies to improve core skills.

Our qualified teachers provide direct and on-line support to students who have access to their own learning portal.

Resources and activities are regularly added to the student zone to prepare candidates for the exam and allows them to revise efficiently for the OET.

Support Packages

Supporting sessions add extra value to the in-house course by monitoring progress and development. Additional masterclasses boost knowledge, confidence and develop exam skills.

Our bolt-on packages are:

    • Candidate placement test designed to assess student ability and language level.
    • Progress test highlights student progress and determines exam need.
    • Masterclasses aimed at covering the essential elements of each sub-test.

The OET test material is underpinned by findings and recommendations from ongoing key research.

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