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Here's a short presentation about our work. We look forward to talking to you..



Life in the UK Citizenship Test

Many people are now thinking about taking British Citizenship. If you're studying for the Life in the UK Test, then our quick quiz is for you! Sign up to our newsletter for the answers.

Radio News

If you'd like to hear about how you can improve your English, this interview will give you a few tips!


Things you need to know about living in England

Life can be confusing when you've just moved to a new country. So, I've asked long-term residents to give me one piece of advice that they wish they had known when they arrived in England. Here's a tip from Beate!






New to the UK? Watch this!


If you're an old or new resident of the UK, don't miss this Channel 4 programme. In a three part series, German comedian Henning Wehn takes a light-hearted look at Brisith culture and life in the UK. The programme is on Channel 4, Monday evenings at 10.00 pm. Here's a clip from the first programme - we all love a nice pie!




We're delighted that a key member of staff has completed the British Council IELTS Teacher Training Course prior to beginning our new IELTS preparation course.

Pronunciation App

A good pronunciation model is provided by Adrian Underhill and Macmillan Education, who have produced this useful free pronunciation tool called Sounds: The Pronunciation App. If you contact us, we can forward the app link to you.


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Punctuation in general can be a big pre-occupation for many people. You’ll always find someone who is annoyed by wrongly placed apostrophes. Listen to this Radio 4 programme, The Apostrophiser, about a man who is infuriated by people using inaccurate punctuation.