Crossword – Tuesday 21 May 2019

Are you ready to try our weekly crossword puzzle from The I newspaper? There are one or two clues to help you.

The word of the week is:

17 Down – ‘Stare angrily’

and the answer is – ‘glare’.

This verb is used to describe the long look someone gives another when they are annoyed or angry.

‘Dad glared at him with his hands on his hips until he did the washing up. It was his turn, after all’.

Alternative meanings

We use glare to describe a bright or dazzling light:

‘The light glared out across the night sky, turning midnight to midday’.

Or we can use it as a noun to talk about unwanted public attention:

‘They were famous, and so they lived in the full glare of the press’.

History and Etymology

The word ‘glare’ comes from the Middle Low German and Middle Dutch word ‘glaren’. It is related to ‘gleam’, and probably ultimately related to ‘glass’.

Crossword Synonyms




look daggers (at someone / something)

give (someone / something) a black look

Do the Crossword

Now try it and let us know how you do.

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