Crossword – Tuesday 30 April 2019

Here is this week’s crossword, again from ‘The I’ newspaper. We’ve added one or two letters and whole clues to help you.

The word of the crossword this week is:

1 Down – ‘Fool’ (Slang)

and the answer is – ‘muppet’.

This is a relatively modern phrase meaning a foolish or incompetent person.

History and Etymology

The word ‘muppet’ is an informal or slang word which started to be used in conversation in the 1990s. It comes from the name given to marionettes and puppets (as you can see, parts of the two words are joined together to create ‘muppet’). These puppets featured in Jim Henson’s Muppet Show, a children’s television programme created in 1976.


‘Muppet’ is used in every day conversation, in an informal setting. An example of its use might be:

“I used to think he was a complete muppet, but now I’ve changed my mind”.

Meaning: “I used to think he was an idiot, but now I don’t”.






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