Pancake Day

Hurrah – It’s pancake day

Pancake day, one of the best days of my year is coming up fast, Shrove Tuesday –  25 February.

Traditionally, this was the day to use up all of the rich food ingredients people had around the house (butter, eggs and sugar) before lent – a time of fasting.

So, not to break with tradition, this year I’ll be making pancakes. For our main family meal there will be pancakes stuffed with spinach and ricotta in a spicy tomato sauce, followed by thin crepes with lots of sugar and lemon – lovely!


Pancake Race

A favourite community event of mine (not usually done these days) is the Pancake Race. When I was a child, we always used to have races at our school. My class would all line up with a frying pan (complete with pancake) and race across the playing field, flipping the pancake as we went. Of course, our pancakes always ended up on the grass, but who cares when you get to help make more at home?

The Recipe

So, here’s the recipe for a basic pancake mix. Try it and see what you think.

  • 100g plain flour
  • 2 large eggs
  • 300ml milk
  • 1 tbsp sunflower oil
  • butter for frying
  • pinch of salt
  • lemon wedges to serve
  • caster sugar to serve
  • a medium bowl
  • a whisk
  • a frying pan
  • some kitchen paper

Makes around 12 pancakes

  1. Put the flour, eggs, milk and vegetable oil with a pinch of salt into a bowl.
  2. Whisk to a smooth batter.
  3. Leave for 30 minutes to rest.
  4. Put a frying pan over a medium heat and wipe it with some kitchen paper and butter.
  5. When the pan is hot, cook your pancakes for 1 minute on each side until golden (flip your pancake if you dare!) Keep the pancakes warm until they are all cooked.
  6. Serve sprinkled with sugar and a squeeze of lemon.
  7. Enjoy!

I’d love to see some pictures of the pancakes you make – post them on our Facebook page.

Share your Experiences of Pancake Day (and your pancake recipes)

Do you celebrate Pancake Day at home? I’d love to hear about your national or family traditions. Email me and share your favourite pancake recipes.

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