Units of time interactive quiz

Clock for vocabulary quiz - units of time

To help you learn your vocabulary in a fun way, I’ve used Quizlet to make an on-line Units of Time Interactive Quiz for you. There’s much more to revision than reading notes and copying text books, so hopefully you’ll enjoy this activity!

Try the Quiz

This week, I provided an elementary lesson on time with some of my beginners. As part of our learning, we looked at the vocabulary for all the different units of time that we use in every day conversation. For homework I gave the students this quiz. Why not try it yourself and see how you do?

Click on the icon below for the Units of Time Interactive Quiz.

Clock for vocabulary quiz - units of time

How you can learn

There are lots of different ways to learn this word list:

    • Flashcards help you learn nouns and definitions.
    • Practise spelling units of time.
    • Listen to a word and type it ‘speak and spell’ style.
    • Choose the right answer with multiple choice questions.

Did you like the quiz? Tell me how you did!

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