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Book Club, Not Quite Nice novel for reading lesson

OET provides a number of excellent resources for students to use in their reading practice. They include useful journals and websites that have articles suitable for a wide variety of reading skills.

A New Source of Learning Materials

These resources can be supplemented by other materials, such as newsletters like this one:

Health Matters Updates

The Health Matters Update is a regular newsletter run by gov.uk and covers a wide variety of health issues. Usually released on a monthly basis, it has interviews, case studies and reports by healthcare professionals and other health associated organisations. This is a ‘go to’ for not only Reading Part C practice, but the whole of the Reading sub-test.

Not Just for Reading

Health Matters  contains videos so you can catch up on your listening skills too. The videos are divided into convenient sections, so you can concentrate on one part at a time without being overwhelmed by information.

As listening practice, why not try this?

  • Listen to a section and write down the gist of the recording.
  • Listen for a second time and note the main points of the dialogue.
  • Listen again and see if you can hear any common phrases or phrasal verbs.

A good video for this exercise might be:

The AgeUK video with the Charity Director, Caroline Abrahams.

Learning Activities

I’ll definitely be using this resource for my own lessons, so keep an eye on my blog for some activities that you can do at home.

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