OET Vocabulary

Anxiety Attacks!

Imagine you’re ill or injured. You’re worried, in pain and anxious. One of the first people you meet is a frontline healthcare worker. They ask you some questions. You think theses questions are too personal, or irrelevant. How do you react?

Often an injured patient, or carer will mask their anxiety and appear to be angry or aggressive. This made us think about the kind of language we use to describe anger, and we’ve put together this quiz to help you grade adjectives of anger.

Vocabulary Quiz

Order the adjectives below from the most aggressive to the least aggressive. We’ll put the answers on our Facebook page next week!

    • irritated
    • angry
    • cross
    • peeved
    • furious
    • annoyed

When was the last time you dealt with an angry patient? How did you cope with the situation? Let us know.

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