Staff Interviews

Staff Interviews If you have an overseas worker in a front of house role, good speaking skills are extremely important. When you assess candidates for a […]

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Pancake Day

Hurrah – It’s pancake day Pancake day, one of the best days of my year is coming up fast, Shrove Tuesday –  25 February. Traditionally, this […]

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Top Vocabulary Tips

Top Vocabulary Tips One of our top vocabulary tips is to build a vocabulary mind map. It isn’t hard work and it’s a great visual way […]

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Did anyone order an adjective?

Adjectives Adjectives are useful words. They make conversations colourful and interesting. Listen the next time you’re speaking with someone. They will use adjectives which fit into any […]

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Our New Weekly Crossword

Weekly Crossword Our new weekly crossword is aimed at improving your vocabulary. Courtesy of The I newspaper, I’ll regularly add a puzzle for you to do. […]

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Easy Listening

Listening Listening can be difficult for both beginners and more advanced students. It can be especially had to understand when it’s spoken at a natural speed. […]

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English language student completing a crossword puzzle

Never a Crossword?

Crossword Crosswords are a great way to improve your English skills and clues open up new doorways into the English language. Colloquial English (slang) is often […]

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Book Club, Not Quite Nice novel for reading lesson

The Power of Words

The Power of Words The power of words is amazing. James Earl Jones once said, “one of the hardest things in life is having words in […]

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