Coffee break Crossword

Students completing an English language vocabulary crossword

‘Coffee break’ and ‘crossword’ are words that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. A crossword is also a great way to improve your vocabulary, and I’m all for that!


Today’s Crossword

As usual, our crossword is from The I newspaper. I’ve added some letters to help you, but I think you’ll still enjoy it.

English language student completing a crossword puzzle


Word of the day

Our featured clue is:

16 Down – clever (informal) (6)

and the answer is ‘bright’.

‘Bright’, an adjective, is used in everyday language to talk about someone who is intelligent or quick-witted.

‘Everyone knows that she’s bright – it’s no surprise she passed all her exams’.


Other Meanings

It can also be used to describe something that gives out a lot of light or is shining. For example;

‘The weather was hot and the sun was dazzlingly bright’.

You can use this word to  mean a bold or vivid colour.

‘The shirts were in a variety of colours, from pastels to brights’.

Finally, we can use ‘bright’ to mean happy:

‘You’re bright and cheerful today, have you had some good news?’

Related words

brightness (noun)

brightly (adverb)


bright eyed and bushy tailed = fully of energy and ready for the day ahead


Listen to the crossword vocabulary pronunciation

bright /braɪt/

Now do the crossword

See if you can complete the crossword in your coffee break!

Check your answers

Answers to The I Crossword

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