Exam Preparation

English is the main language of business and commerce. Schools, colleges and universities have always recognised this, and test students’ English communication skills throughout their academic life.

Each country has its own English exam requirements, and looks for different language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening tests. Some countries base their reading exams on formal academic papers, others on current affairs in the form of newspaper articles.

Our courses take into consideration the different needs of each country’s exam, be it the Abitur in Germany, the Berufsreifeprüfung in Austria or the Cambridge tests used by some schools Italy.

We understand the authentic English needed to pass these exams, and our week long intensive courses give our students:

    • Targeted language for specified English exams.
    • Confidence to interact naturally in the spoken element of the test.
    • Strategies to produce well written texts appropriate to the given task or question.
    • Effective methods to revise and practise language skills.

The Training

This intensive week-long bespoke course is taught on a one-to-one or small group basis and consists of:

    • 25 hours of training.
    • Analysis of question and task type.
    • Exam techniques and strategies.
    • Recorded speaking practise and presentation analysis.
    • Assessment of pronunciation and pronunciation workshop.
    • Practice reading tasks and questions.
    • Review of written skills and assessment of exam requirements.

Exam Preparation

A targeted 5 day course to prepare students for country specific English exams. Our course includes:

    • Skills analysis and assessment of English level.
    • Overview of the test, marking criteria and pass level.
    • A structured breakdown of each part of the exam and analysis of questions.
    • Activities and resources to build up language in weak areas.
    • Person specific revision timetable.

Pricing is bespoke

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