General English

This bespoke course is designed to integrate students into their company and community. Concentrating on everyday English combined with sector specific grammar, vocabulary and lexis, this curriculum improves communication in the work place and industry.

Our 30 hour course is tailored to the student’s needs, and allows employees to interact naturally in a social and work environment.

In addition, General English can be rolled out as a continuous programme for new employees and those who want to progress in any Business English or higher education English qualification. It can also be extended to include preparation and enrolment for Functional Skills exams from Entry Level 1 to Level 2.

Our programme enables students to:

    • Use formal and informal language appropriately at work and social events.
    • Communicate clearly with colleagues and friends.
    • Become familiar with local community and culture.

We understand the aspects of English that are challenging, therefore we concentrate on:

    • Pronunciation – practise clear pronunciation and review different UK accents.
    • Conversation – familiarisation with small talk and common conversational topics.
    • Listening and asking – understanding instructions, directions and conversations and asking appropriate questions.
    • Reading and writing – understanding tasks and directives, conveying written information correctly.

General English

A bespoke 30 hour course delivered in-house as a group or on a one-to-one basis, which includes:

    • Level placement test.
    • Analysis of pronunciation.
    • Tailored tasks and activities.
    • Review of student learning needs.
    • Exam preparation and enrolment on request.

Pricing is bespoke

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Functional Skills Masterclass

A four day open access course which prepares the candidate for the exam.  The course includes:

    • Introduction to the three sub-tests, marking criteria and pass level requirements.
    • Analysis of each skill and the main features of the reading, writing, speaking and listening tests.
    • Breakdown of exam structure and detailed review of question types and features of each test.
    • Familiarisation with exam strategies and techniques to approach different question types.
    • In-depth analysis of Functional Skills pass level grammar and vocabulary.
    • Exam preparation pack.

£250.00 per student

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