The GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) Grade 5 is one of the most popular Secure English Language Tests that the UK Government requires for immigration, British Citizenship, Indefinite Leave to Remain or Settlement / Permanent Residency.

This exam tests the speaking and listening skills of people who would like to live, work or study in the UK. The government has approved the GESE and its ability to:

    • Act as proof of competency in speaking and understanding English.
    • Test communicative ability.
    • Ensure understanding of the meaning and functions of the English language.
    • Provide evidence of adequate speaking skills.

Our open access course provides a comprehensive programme which prepares candidates for their GESE Grade 5 exam and allows students to:

    • Be confident and natural in their approach to the exam.
    • Speak knowledgeably about the different test topics.
    • Understand what the examiner is looking for and be able to deliver.
    • Speak clearly and use a wide vocabulary.
    • Use correct grammar appropriately.

Preparation for GESE Grade 5

A five day open access course to prepare for GESE speaking and listening exam. This programme includes:

    • Introduction to the two parts of the exam, marking criteria and pass level requirements.
    • Analysis of the topic and conversation phase including the main features of each.
    • Recorded speaking practise and role play.
    • Focus on speaking skills, listening skills and pronunciation.
    • Recorded mock interview for each student.
    • Advice and guidance on areas of weakness.
    • Resources and activities to improve performance.
    • Practice materials.
    • Exam preparation pack.

£500.00 per student

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