The GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) Grade 5 is one of the most popular Secure English Language Tests that the UK Government requires for immigration, British Citizenship, Indefinite Leave to Remain or Settlement / Permanent Residency.

This exam tests the speaking and listening skills of people who would like to live in the UK. The government has approved the GESE and its ability to:

    • Act as proof of competency in speaking and understanding English.
    • Test communicative ability.
    • Ensure understanding of the meaning and functions of the English language.
    • Provide evidence of adequate speaking skills.

Our open access course (based on a group of 6 students) provides a comprehensive programme which prepares candidates for their GESE Grade 5 exam and allows students to:

    • Be confident and natural in their approach to the exam.
    • Speak knowledgeably about the different test topics.
    • Understand what the examiner is looking for and be able to deliver.
    • Speak clearly and use a wide vocabulary.
    • Use correct grammar appropriately.

Preparation for GESE Grade 5

A five day open access course to prepare for GESE speaking and listening exam. This programme includes:

    • Introduction to the two parts of the exam, marking criteria and pass level requirements.
    • Analysis of the topic and conversation phase including the main features of each.
    • Recorded speaking practise and role play.
    • Focus on speaking skills, listening skills and pronunciation.
    • Recorded mock interview for each student.
    • Advice and guidance on areas of weakness.
    • Resources and activities to improve performance.
    • Practice materials.
    • Exam preparation pack.

£500.00 per student

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