Personal Development

Personal goals are often driven by work or outside interests. They cover a huge range of subjects and are highly specialised. When these interests are conducted in an English speaking environment, it’s often difficult to find courses which cater for specific topics and themes.

We understand that a focussed learning programme is needed to cover the vocabulary and lexis necessary to communicate in particular fields and situations.

Working with us on enhancing their own skills to achieve their personal aims allows the students to:

    • Maximise their potential by using appropriate subject specific language with peers.
    • Communicate naturally in an English speaking environment.
    • Confidently use conversational English in social situations.
    • Network with like-minded colleagues to make valuable connections.

The Training

Our Personal Development Courses are tailored to each learner and provide a variety of options including:

    • Conversational English with a focus on current events.
    • Individual pronunciation assessment.
    • Pronunciation practice and guidance on areas of weakness in speech.
    • Presentation practice, encompassing structure of presentations, dealing with Q & A, explaining and clarifying.
    • Networking opportunities with like-minded people.
    • Vocabulary for specific topics.
    • Essential English for travel in an English speaking country.
    • Business and cultural awareness.

Personal Development

A bespoke course designed for individual needs.

    • Placement test to determine English level.
    • Pronunciation assessment to identify problem areas.
    • Subject specific vocabulary.
    • Networking opportunities.
    • Tasks and activities designed to student topic choice.

Pricing is bespoke

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