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Here’s a video from Zanele, who’d like to share her experience of learning with The English Teacher.

Zanele Mazibuko

“I received classes from Debbie during a few months as part of my professional development and she taught me very high level corporative communication skills. When you are with her, everything feels like it’s quite simple and intuitive. Thanks for your invaluable help Debbie!”

Jose Manuel Cano Durán

“Our plans to spend the Summer holiday in Cornwall have had to be delayed indefinitely…What should we do with the English lessons we have booked?

Debbie has been very flexible, therefore both of our children (12 and 14 years) could benefit from her varied online lessons, which matched very well to their requirements. Debbie has responded very flexibly to their personal interests and topic choices which she taught in a professional way.

Thank you very much for this very worthwhile time!”

Daniela Schweiz

“Unseren Plan, die Sommerferien in Cornwall zu verbringen, hatten wir auf unbestimmte Zeit verschoben… Was nun mit unseren vor Ort gebuchten Englischstunden?

Debbie zeigte sich flexibel, und somit konnten unsere beiden Kinder (12 und 14 Jahre) via Fernunterricht von einem abwechslungsreichen, auf sie abgestimmten Unterricht profitieren. Flexibel ging Debbie auf persönliche Interessen und kurzfristige Themenwünsche ein und vermochte die Inhalte kompetent vermitteln.

Dankeschön für die wertvolle Zeit!”

Daniela Schweiz

“Debbie Rogers gave us a daily English lesson of 75 minutes (one to two). She prepared all these classes with care and enthusiasm; she provided us with rich and attractive material of all the matters we wanted to study (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, Cornwall, literature) and she even gave us the opportunity to visit a book club meeting.She was always patient, friendly, sympathetic and highly motivated. In brief, Debbie is an excellent teacher, who understands immediately the specific difficulties a student has with the English language and who knows exactly how to support him. We liked her lessons, we loved the English she speaks and we learnt a lot of things with her.

We are happy to recommend her to students of any level and of all ages.

Thank you, Debbie, for your kindness and all your work.

Hanna Thalmann / Armin Bloechlinger, Switzerland

“Debbie Rogers gab uns jeden Tag eine 75-minütige Lektion in Englisch. Diesen Unterricht mit nur zwei Lernenden bereitete sie mit Sorgfalt und mit viel Begeisterung vor. Sie brachte uns reiches und attraktives Material zu jedem Stoffgebiet, das uns interessierte (Grammatik, Wortschatz, Aussprache, Cornwall, Literatur), und sie verschaffte uns sogar die Möglichkeit, an einer Sitzung des lokalen Buchklubs teilzunehmen. Sie war stets geduldig, freundlich, verständnisvoll und hoch motiviert. Kurz gesagt: Debbie ist eine ausgezeichnete Lehrerin, welche die Schwierigkeiten der Lernenden sofort erkennt, und die genau weiss, wie sie sie unterstützen kann. Wir freuten uns auf ihre Lektionen, wir liebten das schöne Englisch, das sie spricht – und wir lernten bei ihr sehr viel.

Wir empfehlen sie sehr gern als Lehrerin für Interessenten jeglichen Niveaus und Alters, die ihr Englisch verbessern wollen.

Herzlichen Dank, Debbie, für deine Freundlichkeit und all das, was du für uns gemacht hast.

Hanna Thalmann / Armin Bloechlinger, Switzerland

“I had less than a month to study for the OET exams and I must say Debbie was able to get me up to standard for a high grade in the exam at such an astonishing speed. She was very accommodating especially judging the little time I had, very engaging and an adept tutor. I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring English lessons. She’s an absolutely sensational tutor!”

Dr Edwin Poku

“Ich lernte Debbie als sehr kompetente, fachlich top ausgewiesene Englisch-Lehrerin kennen. Ich spürte bei ihr die langjährige Berufserfahrung und ihre freudige Art zu unterrichten.
Ihre Themen waren immer sehr interessant und abwechslungsreich. Sie verstand es äusserst gut mich zu motivieren und gab mir auch wichtige Tips für’s richtige Lernen mit auf den Weg.

Ich genoss während zweieinhalb Monaten, 6 Stunden die Woche Englischunterricht und befürchte, dass ich diese lehrreiche Zeit zu Hause vermissen werde.

Ich kann Debbie nur bestens weiterempfehlen, sie ist nicht nur eine ausgezeichnete Lehrerin, sondern auch eine äusserst hilfsbereite und liebenswerte Person.
Ich werde sicher mit ihr in Verbindung bleiben!”

Brigitte 59, Schweiz

“In preparation for my IELTS C1 language exam I asked Debbie Rogers for a training session. Debbie familiarised me with the general procedure of this test, assessed my personal English level and then provided  bespoke training sessions for me, which helped me all together to pass my test at the required level. This was all done in a very professional way and even at my home. The reassurance and confidence I gained out of this was invaluable for the test situation itself and I can highly recommend Debbie Rogers, the English Teacher.”

Renate Davie, Tourist Guide

“I took a course of lessons for my OET medical exam from Debbie Rogers. I was required to get a high grade (B in all 4 modules) to pass the OET exam. I did an intensive course before the test and I found her method of teaching excellent. She was flexible with her time and she spent extra time on my weak areas of reading and writing. I would strongly recommend anyone taking the OET to speak with Debbie.”

Md Mushfeq Alam

“Debbie certainly didn’t have an easy job with us. It’s been at least 40 years since we learned English at school. She was a fantastic teacher, who took her job incredibly seriously and never let up as we were tourists who only had booked a 6-day course. She contacted us already before the course to prepare for it. She familiarised us very well with our topic, was always extremely well prepared and remained sufficiently strict without denting our motivation (!) and was extremely flexible in terms of practising conversational English. You have to admire her for the patience with which she corrected our errors and our pronunciation! I will never forget the picture of her turning up, always in a good mood and with her large mobile whiteboard. She was incredibly helpful to us and one thing was especially great: she got rid of our fear of speaking English! We would really like to continue our course with her! All in all, Debbie is simply fantastic!”

Andrea and Uwe, Germany

“Debbie prepared personalised classes, and was very focused in my areas of need. She is very flexible and conscientious and concentrates on correcting weaknesses and makes working on them really dynamic with interesting exercises.

She is constantly providing something fun or challenging. The dynamic of one to one is really excellent, this interaction has helped me strengthen my learning greatly. She has admirable patience, competence and enthusiasm, definitely highly recommended!”

Ada Fernandez Valles, Energy Efficiency Manager

“Debbie is a very competent teacher with a wide range of teaching skills. She structured my lessons exactly to achieve all my learning aims. Her teaching methods are characterised in her conscientiousness and flexibility. She combined working out different topics with important parts of grammar and most of all pronunciation. Furthermore she helped me to gain professional experience in a local company.

I couldn’t have imagined a better English teacher for my language holidays, so I recommend Debbie to everyone, who would like to improve their English skills on their Cornwall holiday.

Thank you very much for all your engagement, which emphasised the lessons as well as the whole stay in Cornwall!”

Isabella, Pharmacy Assistant, Austria

Debbie gave English lessons to my two daughters of 8 and 10 years old, for two weeks during our stay in Cornwall this August. Their experience was very positive as my daughters enjoyed her classes very much. Debbie is a very patient and professional teacher. She is very good in finding subject matter and method (using colourful letters, stickers etc.) suitable for children to get interested in the lesson.

My daughters improved their English very much, as they began to speak and understand the language much better. I’ll recommend Debbie to foreign parents who would like their children to improve their English in a short time.”

Sara, Italy

“Debbie has been delivering English at the Newquay Colourful Women’s Group for two years. She is always very professional, committed and hard working. I would be more than happy to recommend her to other groups who are looking to provide English classes for speakers of other languages.”

Sarah Sejahtera, Community Development Worker Pentreath Ltd

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