Whether you’re on holiday or living and studying in the UK, sometimes a full English language course isn’t for you.

We understand that relaxed learning followed by a fun activity is more suited to your timetable, so we have built a menu of activity days that you and your family might like to consider.

This allows you to:

    • Try out a new hobby or interest.
    • Look at your current hobby from an English culture perspective.
    • Enjoy a ‘hands on’ experience and practise new language skills.
    • Visit places of interest and talk about them with English friends and colleagues.

Choose from the following activity days:

Foodie Days

A fun morning learning about cooking and eating. This is followed by either a long lunch to practise your new English skills, or an afternoon of cookery lessons.

National Trust Days

A combination of lessons about a National Trust property and its history followed by a visit to the building and a walk around its gardens.

Town Days

A morning class dedicated to language for shopping and sightseeing. The afternoon is dedicated to putting the new lessons into practise by visiting a local historic town.

Personalised Days

A one-to-one personalised day which is designed especially for you. An example could be:

    • A day of literature, discussing Rosamund Pilcher’s novels followed by a visit to one of the local areas featured in her books.
    • A day for the children. Morning lessons followed by an outdoor adventure afternoon.


Activity Days

A combined lesson and activity day featuring:

    • Appropriate language and vocabulary.
    • Opportunity to practise new language with native English speakers.
    • An afternoon’s planned activity.
    • Focus on speaking skills, listening skills and pronunciation.

Pricing is bespoke

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