Free Telephone Skills Assessment for your Employees

Telephone Skills Assessment

If you have an overseas worker in a front of house role, good speaking skills are of paramount importance. When we assess students in a customer facing setting, we look for certain telephone skills, the most important of which are:

Fluency and coherence

  1. Can the worker speak fluently enough for their role?
  2. Are they able to expand on a subject and fully explain what they mean?


  1. Does the employee use a vocabulary appropriate to their work?
  2. Can they use idiomatic and colloquial language naturally and appropriately?


  1. Can they use a wide range of grammar structures correctly?
  2. Does the worker produce mostly error free sentences?


  1. Can the employee speak at a good pace and be clearly understood?
  2. Do they make their word endings clear with good intonation?

Excellent speaking skills are even more important when using the telephone. Your overseas employee will have no access to those non verbal communication cues such as body language, facial expressions and eye contact.

Hospitality front of house overseas staff speaking to a guest after telephone speaking skills assessment

It’s wise to avoid frustration on the client’s part and panic on the employee’s. Therefore we recommend that the team leader or manager ensures that they dedicate at least half a day of training to pronunciation and improving general telephone skills. An intensive four hour course will give a sound base to any job which requires a significant amount of phone time.

When you book your telephone skills course, we will provide a free assessment of your staff’s speaking skills – complete with an individual recommendation for each employee.

If you’d like your staff to benefit from this offer, email me and I’ll send you more details.

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