Self Study – Superfoods

Overseas student self study

Self study shouldn’t be hard

Studying is not only done in the classroom, you can learn every day whether you’re in class or out living your life (most of the time, you probably don’t even realise you’re learning!)

If you’re like me, you probably find that working on your own with only your textbooks and a cup of tea is boring, rather than the pleasure it should be. So why not think about studying in a different way?

Learn something interesting

Find a topic that interests you. Once you’ve chosen that (food is a great one – for me at least!) look in the newspaper to find an article about food or nutrition that you’d like to read. Try this one, maybe.

IELTS newspaper article

Look for the same topic in other media – for example, Youtube.

or maybe a Ted Talk.


It’s important to practice your listening too, so try and find a radio programme about it.

Talk about what you’ve learnt

Once you’ve seen, read and listened to other people’s opinions, think about your own. What do you think of the subject? (in this case superfoods and nutrition).

  • Can superfoods really improve your health or is it just a fad?
  • Should we only be growing organic food?
  • Why do people buy fast food/convenience food?
  • What’s the difference between the type of food we eat now and what our parents ate growing up?

Talk to your friends and colleagues about what you’ve discovered and see how they feel about it. Explain your point of view and see if they agree.

Before you know it, you’ll have learnt a huge amount in a short time  – and in an interesting way. Self-study really is worth the effort. In fact with any luck, it doesn’t have to be an effort at all!

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