Staff Interviews

Staff Interviews

If you have an overseas worker in a front of house role, good speaking skills are extremely important. When you assess candidates for a customer-facing role, it’s useful to conduct staff interviews with certain speaking skills in mind. The most important of which are:

Fluency and coherence

  1. Can the candidate speak fluently enough for their role?
  2. Are they also able to expand on a subject and fully explain what they mean?


  1. Does your potential employee use a vocabulary appropriate to the work?
  2. Can they use idiomatic and colloquial language naturally and appropriately?


  1. Do they use a wide range of grammar structures correctly?
  2. Are they able to  produce mostly error free sentences on a regular basis?


  1. Can your future team member speak at a good pace and be clearly understood?
  2. Do they make their word endings clear with good intonation?

Candidates talking after an interview

Excellent speaking skills are important in a work place situation.  Even more so when using the telephone as staff will have no access to those non verbal communication cues. Without such cues as body language, facial expressions and eye contact, communication is harder.

Beginners often have difficulty dealing with telephone calls, often because of this solely verbal aspect. You can help get them used to understanding telephone conversations with practice activities. So I’ve put together this task for the beginners and pre-intermediates in your workforce with low level English skills.

I suggest you give them this to complete at lunch time, or a designated learning break. You can download the questions paper, dialogue, transcript and answer sheets below. You may also like to look at some other articles on the blog for beginners.

Listening Activity for Beginner / Pre-intermediate Students

Where shall I meet you? dialogue

Where shall I meet you? question paper

Where shall I meet you? transcript

Where shall I meet you? answer paper

If you’d like to speak with me about assessing your overseas staff, get in touch.

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