The Rise of Language Clubs

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Language Clubs

The popularity of language clubs, these relaxed conversation groups across the country, is on the rise. They are generally free of charge, unusual these days, which could be why they’re popping up in universities, pubs and restaurants. So isn’t it time to set up a workplace language café at your company?

Lunchtime language clubs are not just a fluffy feel-good employee initiative. It’s also a useful way for employers to foster team spirit and communication across cultures. They can also be useful tools for spotting leadership qualities, or for identifying possible problems in the work dynamic.

The idea is for there to be one language per group. So, if you have a multi-lingual workforce, there would be a table for each language. One native speaker is nominated to lead each table. This makes it simple to boost confidence if any overseas team members tend to be shy or who have the potential to lead but don’t put themselves forward.

It’s probably a good idea to check out how things are done before setting up your own conversation club at work. There are plenty of language cafés around the country, and here are a selection in Cornwall and Devon, that you might like to visit.

Café Polyglot in Falmouth

The Polyglot Club in Penzance

Café Polyglot in Truro

Languages Café in Plymouth

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