The English Teacher – Premium Preparation Provider of OET

Premium Provider of OET

I’m so pleased to share some exciting news with you – The English Teacher is now a Premium Provider of OET!

After completing an intensive skills programme which included providing lesson plans, course curricula and videoed lessons we have earned this coveted status. It takes time and effort to prove that you have the teaching skills, the English language knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the test itself. You need to show that you know every part of each sub-skill, each question type and that you have extensive medical English expertise.

Why study with a Premium Provider?

I think the question is why wouldn’t you study with a Premium Preparation Provider?

    • Any medical professional who learns with us can be sure of high quality teaching and resources.
    • Being awarded Premium Provider status means we have evidenced excellent materials and curriculum design.
    • We have a proven track record on providing courses of the required language level and skills to help students reach their required score level.

Most importantly for me,

    • I want to provide the best teaching I possibly can for my students. OET is often the pathway to a fulfilling career and wellbeing for learners and their families in the UK. This is something that is intrinsic to my ethos.

Doctor studying for OET Test with The English Teacher Premium Preparation Provider for OET

Spend money to save money

Remember, only Premium Providers are entitled to display the Premium Provider logo. And only Preliminary Providers are given the OET Knowledge Badge. It’s so important to make sure that your teacher is qualified in OET, either as a Preliminary Provider or a Premium Provider. Learning with accredited teachers may seem to be more expensive, but in the long run you’re saving money. Taking the test multiple times, plus paying for lessons with a non-qualified teacher – and failing – means that you could be spending more money than you need.

In-House Tuition

Our OET courses are also suitable for NHS Trusts and other stakeholders. Choose from a 60 hour programme that can be a hot-house two and a half week course, or spread over 3 months for less intensive learning. Placement and progress tests are also available along with a skills masterclass.

Are you ready to join our successful students?

If you’d like to become one of our successful medical, nursing or pharmaceutical OET students, you can get in touch via email, instagram or Whatsapp. Alternatively you can find us on the OET Premium Providers page.

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