“Debbie prepared personalized classes, and was very focused in my areas of need. She is very flexible and conscientious and concentrates on correcting weaknesses and makes working on them really dynamic with interesting exercises.

She is constantly providing something fun or challenging. The dynamic of one to one is really excellent, this interaction has helped me strengthen my learning greatly. She has admirable patience, competence and enthusiasm, definitely highly recommended!”

Ada Fernandez Valles, Energy Efficiency Manager

“Debbie is a very competent teacher with a wide range of teaching skills. She structured my lessons exactly to achieve all my learning aims. Her teaching methods are characterised in her conscientiousness and flexibility. She combined working out different topics with important parts of grammar and most of all pronunciation. Furthermore she helped me to gain professional experience in a local company.

I couldn’t have imagined a better English teacher for my language holidays, so I recommend Debbie to everyone, who would like to improve their English skills on their Cornwall holiday.

Thank you very much for all your engagement, which emphasised the lessons as well as the whole stay in Cornwall!”

Isabella, Pharmacy Assistant, Austria

Debbie gave English lessons to my two daughters of 8 and 10 years old, for two weeks during our stay in Cornwall this August. Their experience was very positive as my daughters enjoyed her classes very much. Debbie is a very patient and professional teacher. She is very good in finding subject matter and method (using colourful letters, stickers etc.) suitable for children to get interested in the lesson.

My daughters improved their English very much, as they began to speak and understand the language much better. I’ll recommend Debbie to foreign parents who would like their children to improve their English in a short time.”

Sara, Italy

“Debbie has been delivering English at the Newquay Colourful Women’s Group for two years. She is always very professional, committed and hard working. I would be more than happy to recommend her to other groups who are looking to provide English classes for speakers of other languages.”

Sarah Sejahtera, Community Development Worker Pentreath Ltd

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