About General English – Study for Functional Skills with The English Teacher

The Training

Our in-house course consists of:

    • Assessment of English level, testing reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
    • Activities and resources to improve written communication in the workplace.
    • Analysis of student pronunciation to overcome miscommunication and lack of clarity.
    • Tasks to test and develop understanding of spoken instruction.
    • Role play to practise formal and informal conversation in a work and social setting.
    • Familiarisation with the local area and community events.
    • Review of student learning needs, and signposting to applicable English qualifications.
    • Exam preparation and enrolment as required.

Support Package

Our Masterclass is an intensive short course providing sound preparation for any level of Functional Skills, from Entry Level 1 to Level 2 (CEFR A1 to C1).

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