About IELTS for UKVI – The English Teacher lessons for Visa application, settlement

Whilst IELTS has been in use since 1989, the test was adopted by the UK Government in 2015 as a SELT (Secure English Language Test). This means that IELTS UKVI can now prove English ability and support a UK Visa and Immigration application.

The Test

IELTS UKVI can be shown by one of two exams – the IELTS Life Skills at B1 which is in two parts:

Part 1 – a conversation with another candidate about familiar topics.

Part 2 Рlisten to a recorded message or announcement, and answer questions about the  information given.

You can find out more about the exam itself in our IELTS Life Skills Guide

The second exam – IELTS Speaking and Listening Band 4 is the speaking and listening element only of the IELTS test. You can find our more about this from our IELTS Guide.

The Training

Our open-access course consists of:

    • 30 hours of face to face training.
    • Overview of the two parts of the exam, marking criteria and pass level.
    • Language analysis for two exams.
    • Review of familiar topics and common conversation subjects.
    • Recorded speaking practise and analysis of speaking skills.
    • Activities and resources to expand vocabulary.
    • Personal revision timetable.
    • Practise materials.
    • Exam preparation pack.

Our qualified teachers provide direct and on-line support to students who have access to their own learning portal.
Resources and activities are regularly added to the student zone to prepare candidates for the exam and allows them to revise efficiently for their IELTS for UKVI exam.

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