English for Children – The English Teacher case study with Italian children learning English

Case Study

An Italian couple required an English course for their two children aged 9 and 11. They wanted to improve their children’s school English and help them socialise with English speaking peers. The parents asked for a course that focussed on speaking and listening skills with some reading and writing.

We designed a programme that expanded the children’s vocabulary, together with improving pronunciation and sentence structure. All aspects of conversation were included; asking and answering questions, giving information, clarifying understanding, giving and receiving instructions together with agreeing and disagreeing.

These were embedded in creative lessons which included practical activities such as cookery, and learning through games and song. Reading and writing skills were improved through writing holiday postcards to friends and family and writing a holiday journal.

By the end of their holiday the children felt comfortable communicating in English and were speaking with more fluency. As a result we were asked to teach a further course for the children and a group of 10 friends the following year.

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