Crossword – Thursday 25 April 2019


The crossword is here, as promised! Today’s puzzle is complete with a word or phrase of the week!

Like last week, today’s crossword comes from ‘The I’ newspaper. We have filled in one or two letters and sometimes whole clues to help you.

There is an interesting phrase in this week’s crossword, the clue is:

12 Across – ‘Miscellaneous items’

and the answer is – ‘odds and ends’.

Paperclips as an example of odds and ends

This is a common phrase  in everyday life. It describes various small items that you might find around the house or office. I think everyone has a drawer in their kitchen or living room which they fill with a variety of small things (string, sellotape, elastic bands, pens, nails, screws etc). We call this an ‘odds and ends’ drawer.


As well as the above meaning, the phrase ‘odds and ends’ can also mean small tasks that are unfinished, or little jobs that you have to do:

‘I have a few odds and ends to do in the garden this weekend’.

The meaning is that there are some small things that have to be done (in this case, in the garden), for example mowing the lawn or planting some seeds.

History and etymology

The phrase ‘odds and ends’  originated from ‘ords and ends’ which means ‘points and endings’ (in Old High German) or ‘beginnings and endings’ (in Old English).

However, in 1500 ‘odds and ends’ used to describe leftover material, such as cloth or wood.


bits and pieces

bits and bobs

odds and sods

English language student completing a crossword

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And now….. here is the crossword with the answers.

The I Crossword

Answers to the crossword


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