Top Vocabulary Tips

Top Vocabulary Tips

One of our top vocabulary tips is to build a vocabulary mind map. It isn’t hard work and it’s a great visual way to improve your word power. These days you don’t have to learn lists of words that seem never ending.

You can learn in a fun way by mapping the words that are important or useful for you. For example, you could link all the words you need for work, or maybe a hobby. Want to have a notebook full of shopping words? Try our activity and you can! I’ve put together a little tool kit to help you learn new words and phrases.

Have a look at this activity which looks at vocabulary associated with houses. We’d love to hear about the ones you make, email us with your ideas!

Vocabulary mind map for living in the UK

You can also practice in other ways. Try this vocabulary quiz from The Daily Mail. Can you guess the words from the definitions?

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