Directions Lesson for Elementary / Low Intermediate

Directions – Where are you?

This is often the first question my new students ask when we arrange to meet for a coffee. So, I decided to produce a lesson on directions for my Elementary and Low Intermediate students.

It’s the story of how my friend Manu and I arrange to meet for a coffee, but one of us gets lost (not me).😉 You have to listen to our telephone conversation to find out where we meet.

This activity helps you practice your reading, listening and writing skills, and widens your vocabulary.

Here is your lesson – I hope you enjoy it!

Where is the coffee shop?

  1. Read the worksheet and label all the buildings that you know.
  2. Listen to the recording and label the rest of the buildings. You start at the park, near the woods. You are where the X is.
  3. Listen to the recording again – answer questions c) and d).
  4. Listen to the recording for the last time and answer question f), you write down Manu’s side of the conversation on the transcript.




You can find the worksheet answers here:

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