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The Crossword is back! Once again we have taken it from The I newspaper (slightly amended) for you to try. Click on the icon to see the puzzle, and the books icon for the answers.

We’ve also chosen one word from a clue so you can learn a bit more about it. Read on to find out where it comes from, and how to use it in conversation.





And there’s more…

The clue for 18 down ‘Slightly drunk’ (5) is interesting. We use this word a lot in every day speech. Find out more about  the word tipsy here:


Tipsy (adj) as we see from the crossword means slightly drunk:

‘I’m feeling a bit tipsy, I think I’ve had one glass of wine too many’.

History and etymology

Tipsy was first recorded in the 1500s (around 1570), and comes from the word ‘tip’.

In the 1800s it was associated with ‘tipple’ which means ‘an alcoholic drink’.

Q: ‘What’s your tipple?’

A: “I’ll have a white wine please’

It is also linked to tipsy cake, which is a stale cake that has been soaked with alcohol, usually wine or spirits, for example brandy or rum.






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