Language Lesson – Covid Health and Hygiene

Today’s language lesson is all about Covid Health and Hygiene. Coronavirus has affected many industries, but the hospitality sector has been affected more than most. UK Hospitality have published some advice for hotels and the rest of the hospitality industry to keep staff and customers safe.

These instructions are important for everyone to understand. So, we have produced a lesson that helps overseas staff understand language for requests, advice and instructions when reading safety information about Covid-19.

Our short lesson is suitable for intermediate students.

Covid-19 Language Lesson

 1.  Look at the sentences below. Which sentence is:

a) a request

b) some advice / a suggestion

c) an order / an instruction


i) you should wipe the door handle with disinfectant

ii) please wipe the door handle with disinfectant

iii) always wipe the door handle with disinfectant

2.  Read the Covid-19 advice. You will notice that some of the words are underlined.

Decide if the underlined words are:

a) a request

b) advice / suggestion

c) an order / instruction

3.  Read these sentences and add the appropriate words.

4.  Discussion Point

Read the UK Hospitality advice again.

  • Which 5 pieces of advice do you think are the most important? Why?
  • Discuss your opinion with your work colleagues.

5.  Talk to your team and manager about the Covid-19 safety advice in your workplace and write some staff rules using the request / advice / instruction words you have been given.

You can find the answers here, and share your own sentences on our Facebook page.

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