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English language students COVID face mask

How to make your own cloth face covering

The non-essential shops are open (hurrah!) and soon we’ll be able to stay in hotels and B&Bs all over the country. So, now that everyone will be meeting friends and family more freely, it seems a good time to share this article on how to make your own face mask.

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You can find all the instructions on how to make your own mask below:

ESOL students sewing kit to make a face mask

Read the article and complete the comprehension exercise

Do you think you can make your own face covering from scratch now? Try our quiz to see if you’ve understood everything the article told you. Send me some photos of your home-made masks, and I’ll put them on our Facebook page!

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Reading Comprehension quiz

Can you make your own COVID face covering?

Now that you've read the 'How To' article, answer these questions and see if you're ready to make your own face covering.


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In Step 2, how much material should you fold over and hem?

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How many square of material should you have?

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Ear loops should be tied:

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Children can make face masks if they are:

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Face coverings should be not used by:

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To hem means:

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You should place the squares of cloth:

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What can you use instead of elastic for the ear loops?

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Which item is not necessary to make the face mask?

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