OET Corner – Listening Part A

Doctors and Nurses celebrating OET Reading Part A

Improve your OET Listening Skills

It’s very important to improve your Listening Skills in OET, so today we’re going to concentrate on the patient / healthcare professional consultation found in Listening Part A.

This is where a doctor, a nurse or another healthcare professional talks to a patient who has been referred to them or who needs further investigation. The patient describes their problem in detail, and the healthcare professional makes notes during the session.

Your role, as an OET candidate, is to complete these gap fill notes with information heard in the consultation.


For those students who worry about their spelling, don’t. Spelling mistakes are not marked down in the Listening test, but they are in other areas of OET. So do check for spelling errors in the Reading and Writing sections.

What to Listen for?

Listening Part A consultation notes are usually clearly divided into different sections by titles, headings, emboldened text and so on. (Look back at our Reading Part A activity for more information about this).

In the test, the notes will follow the order of the consultation, and you will hear key words which will be spoken before the answer. They warn you that the information you need is coming, so you can pay more attention to the information you hear.

Listening Activity

Your job today is a bit trickier. I want you to listen to two real life consultations from the Channel 5 tv programme, GPs Behind Closed Doors.

Consultation One

I’d like you to listen to the first consultation and complete the notes below. You will see that they are organised under the emboldened titles, but the GP’s questions are not in the same order as the notes. This means that you will need to listen carefully to fill in all the gaps.

OET Listening Part A Practise

Once you’ve completed the notes, look at the answers below and see if you get the same results.

OET Listening Part A Practise Answers

Consultation Two

For the second consultation, I would like you to write all the notes yourself. I have given you the titles, and you need to listen and write the information in note form under each section.

OET Listening Part A Consultation

Here are the notes I’ve written, do yours look the same?

OET Listening Part A Consultation Notes

I’d like to hear how you get on with this activity, so let me know once you’ve completed it!

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