Plan for Success in 2018

Overseas staff planning for success

Plan for success

Do you have a plan for success? Take a look at the buildings around you. How long do you think they’ll last – 50 years, 80, more? In 200 years could your great great grandchildren still be visiting familiar townhouses, libraries and village halls?

It will more than likely depend on whether they have solid foundations, sound construction and lasting connections with local water and electricity supplies. A bit of sculpture doesn’t hurt either. Unlike a supporting wall, beautiful carving won’t stop the building falling down, but it will give a lot of pleasure to passers by.

We like to equate our courses with great architecture. A solid foundation of careful course planning, a strong framework of teaching experience and knowledge together with a lasting connection with the local community. Not to mention a good deal of creativity in our materials and resources.

Just as an architect begins a project by drawing up the plans, we begin our courses by planning for the needs of your staff and the outcomes you want.

Once your staff needs are assessed, check that you haven’t left anything out. Here is Unison’s take on the code of practice for English requirements in the workplace.

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