The Stonehenge Mystery

Stonehenge at sunset

Today’s reading comprehension activity is based on Stonehenge, which has always been a mystery. No one really knows why it was built or what it was used for. However, a new television programme on BBC 2 called Stonehenge: The Lost Circle Revealed gives new clues to its origins.

Reading activity

Along with the tv programme, The I newspaper published an article explaining who might have made Stonehenge, where the mysterious bluestones came from and how they arrived in Wiltshire.

The reading task I’ve got for you is a timeline challenge, useful for my advanced students who want to look at inferred meaning. I’d like you to read the newspaper article below:

Stonehenge Newspaper article for Advanced reading activity

Now look at the timeline and try to put the events in the correct order. You will see that some of the dates are given, but some are not!

Stonehenge Reading activity timeline

Transporting Stonehenge stones on a sled

Reading activity answers

Hopefully you’ve read the article carefully and traced Stonehenge from it’s very beginnings to the present day. Check your answers below to see if you’ve got it right. You’ll find that the relevant sentences are highlighted in the article, and an explanation of why they are correct.

Answers for Stonehenge Mystery Reading Activity

If you’ve enjoyed this activity and would like other reading comprehension activities, let me know!


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