Update on Points Based Immigration

New Points Based Immigration System

The UK Government has updated its plans for a new points based immigration system, which will be in place from 1 January 2021.

The new system will end free movement and give points for specific skills, qualifications, salaries or professions. People who have enough points will have Visas, as well as those with a job that earns £25,600 or more.

If you work in a profession which has a staffing shortage, you can still live and work in the UK if you earn less than £25,600 but more than £20,480. However, anyone earning less than £20,480 would, so far, not be able to work in the UK.

Rules not yet approved

It is important to say that these rules have not yet been approved, but if and when they are, here is a breakdown of points needed:

At least 70 points will be required to work in the UK.

  • A starting salary of over £25,600 gives 20 points.
  • A job offer from an approved sponsor is 20 points.
  • An appropriate skills level for your job – 20 points.
  • Speaking English provides 10 points.

Shortage Occupation List

As of writing, here is a list of the shortage occupations for:

Agricultural Workers

Agricultural seasonal workers will still be able to work in the UK for 2020 at least, because of the lack of workers available to the farming sector. The Seasonal Workers Pilot will be reviewed at the end of the year.


The hospitality industry is one which employs a large amount of so called ‘low skilled’ workers. However, the majority of our core hospitality staff are from overseas. In 2017 Pret a Manger said that only 1 in 50 of their applicants were from the UK. So many of the brightest and best chefs, front of house staff and ‘behind the scenes’ essential personnel are from other countries and are certainly not low skilled. I, for one, hope that the industry will make a stand and encourage the government to reflect this fact in their immigration plans.

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