What’s your story?

What’s your story?

Well, what’s your story? Every person and object has one. It has a past, a present, a future – in fact a whole life of its own. Late last year, I was walking my dog on our local beach and I saw this.

A police car and van parked by the cove. It was unusual to see the police at such a quiet beach early in the morning. I wondered why they were there. Still, my dog needed a walk so we moved on. And then I saw this.

Beware of Portuguese Man of War jellyfish, yes, but pianos? We walked on to the beach and then…

There it was in the middle of the beach. I have no idea how it got there, why it suddenly appeared overnight, what it was doing there or where it came from, but what a great story it must have to tell!

I took some photos on my phone and a few days later I asked my students to tell the story of this piano. I gave them a bit of background information:

  • There is a cafe next to the beach.
  • Two or three ships are anchored out in the bay.
  • The annual Oyster Festival is taking place in Falmouth (the town near the beach).

With our worksheet to help them and this extra information, they came up with some wild and wonderful tales about the piano, and I’d love to hear your creative stories too. Email me your story and we’ll put the best ones on our Facebook page.



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