Payment and Cancellation Policy

All invoices and payments for services must be paid within one week of invoicing. Invoices may be issued prior to the start of the service, or issued as staged payments throughout the period of service for longer courses (more than two weeks).

For longer courses (more than two weeks) or those with staged payments, cancellation of the services by the customer prior to the start date will require payment of the following percentages of the charges plus VAT:

Cancellation within 6 weeks of the Start Date – 50%
Cancellation within 4 weeks of the Start Date – 75%
Cancellation within 2 weeks of the Start Date – 100%

Short courses, (less than two weeks) are non refundable.

If  individual lessons or courses are cancelled by the supplier, where possible a replacement teacher will be provided. If this is not possible, a refund will be paid for the teaching hours missed.

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