Doctors and Nurses celebrating OET Reading Part A

OET Corner – Authentic Listening

Authentic Listening Authentic Listening means getting used to different accents, speeds of speaking with all the ‘um’s and ‘ah’s of normal every day speech. This can […]

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Pancake Day

Hurrah – It’s pancake day Pancake day, one of the best days of my year is coming up fast, Shrove Tuesday –  25 February. Traditionally, this […]

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Phrasal Verbs

What is a phrasal verb anyway? Phrasal Verb (noun) a verb that joins with another word or words to make a verb with a new meaning. […]

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It’s all in the meaning…

Confusing English Yesterday I saw a wonderful example of confusing English. Comedian and writer John Finnemore (@JohnFinnemore) had tweeted this:   ‘Double bed room which is […]

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Crossword – Tuesday 14 May 2019

Crossword Welcome to this week’s crossword, as usual from The I newspaper. Today our featured word is ‘throne’, the answer to 15 Down – ‘Monarch’s seat’. […]

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Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle Here is this week’s crossword puzzle, again from ‘The I’ newspaper. We’ve added one or two letters and whole clues to help you. The […]

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Top Vocabulary Tips

Top Vocabulary Tips One of our top vocabulary tips is to build a vocabulary mind map. It isn’t hard work and it’s a great visual way […]

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