Phrasal Verbs

What is a phrasal verb anyway? Phrasal Verb (noun) a verb that joins with another word or words to make a verb with a new meaning. […]

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It’s all in the meaning…

Yesterday I saw a wonderful example of confusing English. Comedian and writer John Finnemore (@JohnFinnemore) had tweeted this:   ‘Double bed room which is located between […]

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Crossword – Tuesday 14 May 2019

Welcome to this week’s crossword, as usual from The I newspaper. Today our featured word is ‘throne’, the answer to 15 Down – ‘Monarch’s seat’. ‘Throne’ […]

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Vocabulary Mind Maps

Building your vocabulary doesn’t have to be hard work. These days you don’t have to learn lists and lists of words that seem never ending. Instead […]

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Did anyone order an adjective?

Adjectives are useful words. They make conversations colourful and interesting. Listen the next time you’re speaking with someone. They will use adjectives which fit into any of […]

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Our New Weekly Crossword

I know how much you like vocabulary, so I thought we could introduce a new feature – a weekly crossword. Courtesy of The I newspaper, every […]

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